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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Moon Man" Mystery Solved? Si O No?

Every now and then this card comes up on someone's blog, mine included.  Most recently it was on Dodgerbobble.

Each time this card is posted there's a comment made that the player pictured isn't Jay Johnstone.  I think I may have figured it out but I'm not totally convinced.  Could it be Jim Lefebvre?
Jim is on the far right, obviously.

Si o no?  If not, does anyone else have a guess?

Tim Johnson was suggested by Reivax.  I think he may be right:


  1. I'm thinking it's Tim Johnson. He never played a big league game for Dodgers, but he was in there system for 5 years until traded to Milwaukee.

  2. I thought of Lefebvre after leaving the comment on Dodger Bobble. There's some resemblance. But I'm still not sure.

  3. Are we convinced the picture is of a 1960s early 70s Dodger and not a 1981-82 Dodger?

  4. I'm adding a few pictures of Tim Johnson. Take a look.

  5. Looks more like Johnson than Lefebvre.

  6. I'm thinking Tim Johnson now. Is there any former Fleer employee that could shed some light on this mess up?


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