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Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Collector Collects -- Peanuts Christmas Stuff -- Special Items

Last year I posted a bunch of our Peanuts Christmas ornaments.  Here are a bunch more Christmas related Peanuts items.

Here are four special items, three of them given to us by my wife's parents.  They mean even more since my Mother-in-Law is no longer here to celebrate with us.  She really loved Christmas and loved finding you just the right thing.

This moves and plays three songs, "Linus and Lucy", "DecK the Halls" and "O' Christmas Tree".
 This has a place for a votive candle in back that shines through the background.

I bought this one.  It plays "Linus and Lucy".

This is like a whole years worth and more of Hallmark Peanuts ornaments in one.  It lights up and the train runs around the track.  We have it set up next to the tree.

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