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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Postcard -- Paris 1913

 What a great card!  It's Paris at the tail end of the Belle Epoque.  The title is  "Paris -- Notre-Dame Vue de L'ile Saint-Louis" (Notre Dame Seen from Saint Louis Island).  I love the painting.  It looks like late afternoon at the end of a rainy day.  

I don't speak any French (I took Spanish in school).  Here's what I can make out using Google:
My dear Loulou.    We ____ very good    Arrived and went for a short walk before going to sleep. I can't make out the last part.  The corner says: Your father--- kiss you too  

This is the street  in Brussels, Belgium that contains 329 Rue des Palais.  It looks seedy only partially I think because the street is torn up.  Note the Midas Muffler shop on the corner.  
There is a mixture of old and new on the block.  I have no idea if even any of the older structures date from 1913.  Speaking of that date, 1913:
Belgium hosted a World's Fair in the City of Ghent.

My first thoughts on seeing the date, 1913, was "I wonder what was going to happen to Mademoiselle Laurent".  It was about a year and a half after she received this postcard that the Germans invaded her country.  
It will remain a mystery what happened to Loulou and her Papa.  If they survived the next four years, there was a good chance they would face many more challenges in the following decades.    

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Monday, October 25, 2021

Look Who's Back!

 No, not me.  Ron Santo!  The Hall of Fame 3rd baseman hasn't had a Topps presence in about a decade.  This Bazooka card, which I love, is the last base card I remember seeing.  There was a card in the 2016 Wrigley Field set.  There was also a giveaway or two.  Other than that, it appears that Panini held the exclusive right to produce Ron Santo cards.  I do own a small number of them but I bought them begrudgingly.  
2010 Topps Bazooka #35
 Holy Cow!  Topps Turkey Red Ron Santo in base and Chrome Versions.
2020 Topps Update Turkey Red #TR-30
2020 Topps Update Turkey Red Chrome #TRC-30
Art cards sets are always uneven. I looked at the artist's website and he's done some really nice work.
I don't know about this one.   He was a Mets batboy.   Sorry Mr. G. Everyone's a critic.
2020 Topps Gallery #MA-10
This was not a base card and I had misgivings about the price.  It is a really nice looking card.  
2020 Topps Heritage 1971 Greatest Moments Top Loader #55
This is not a Ron Santo card.  
The cards that make up the puzzle are pretty nice on their own, so, bonus!  (Nobody says that anymore.)
This is OK.  Shea, right?
2021 Topps Heritage Stars Bubble Gum Candy Lid # 18
Nice looking card.  I do prefer the photos of young Ron Santo.
2021 Topps Museum Collection #9
I am definitely not a completest at this point in my collecting life.  I'll gladly settle for this blue bordered variation.  I think there's an amethyst/purple one.  Someone else can have mine. 

2021 Topps Museum Collection #9 Blue Border 021/150

Man, did Topps give me shpilkes on this one.  I knew there was a chance Ronnie would appear in this set but the checklist wasn't released until just before the set came out.  I was very excited when it was confirmed.  This is Santo's first appearance in Allen and Ginter's 16th year.
2021 Topps Allen & Ginter #86
2020 Topps Allen & Ginter Silver Foil #86
I had to have the this one.  Pretty sharp! 
2021 Allen &Ginter X #86
Here are the three mini versions.

There have of course been been some relic and auto cards issued in recent sets.  They're not in my current budget and at any rate I have my share of both.  For the money I'd rather pick up the OPC's I'm missing.  I hope Topps will be releasing a few more base cards in upcoming sets.   Gypsy Queen? 
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