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Friday, October 31, 2014

A Collector Collects -- Record Albums -- Elton John's Madman Across the Water 1971

This is the first installment of a series that I've thought about doing for a long time.

I started collecting records at the usual time, in my teens, which for me was the 1970's.  I managed to end up with around 800 albums before CDs came along.  I'm no vinyl snob.  I gladly switched.  No hissing, no skipping (well not as much), no turning over, easy access to a particular track.  If I could have afforded it I probably would have replaced all my vinyl.   I confess that these days I listen to more music on my computer via YouTube than any other way.  (I do have some nice speakers with a subwoofer, a gift from my wife.)  There's one thing missing, however, from from all the formats that have come along since LPs,  the "album" itself, that is the packaging that holds the music.  As time goes by I've really come to appreciate the album as an art form.  That as much an anything is why, through many moves,  I've continued to hold on to my collection.

I'm not an edgy guy and my taste in music, particularly as a younger man, was never what I would consider cool or sophisticated.  I really got into singer/songwriters in the seventies and I still gravitate to pop sounds.  I'm especially fond of piano based pop/rock.  My first offering is a great example.  Though this is about the visuals I saw no reason not to include the music.  In this case I was able to find both the album version and a live performance for each track.  I can't promise that level of completeness for any future installments.

Madman Across the Water was recorded and issued in 1971. 

 Note the great blue jean theme of both the front and back of the album.  So 1971.

The album opened up to reveal the glued in booklet seen below on the right.

Here's the contents, page by page, with the music following each lyric sheet.  BTW you can open the images in a new window to greatly enlarge them if you want to see  more detail.

The best songs are on side one.  I never get tired of hearing them.

Check out the lyrics reflected in the water.

I always find it fun to check out the other artists advertised on the record sleeve.

I wasn't a fanatic but I took pretty good care of my albums.  Looks pretty good for 40 years old.

I'd like to do more of these but this is after all a blog about card collecting.  Let me know if I should keep going, maybe once a week.  Thanks for making it all the way down to the bottom.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Junk

I pulled this 1990 Donruss at random from my considerable pack stash.  I know I'm supposed to look down on it because it's "junk wax" but I think it's better than a lot of newer packs I've opened or seen.

I like the Expos hats even more now that they're a defunct team.  I've owned a Cooperstown Collection fitted replica for years.  I just now realized that American Needle got it wrong.  Mine has a red bill.  Was there ever a red bill variation of the panel cap?  Tim Burke was an All-Star in 1989.

Danny Tartabull had some really good years.  He also appeared on Seinfeld.

Parker only spent two seasons in Oakland but he helped get them to the World Series in 1989 where they swept the Giants.

Mike was an All-Star in both 89 and 90.  He spent his entire 13 year playing career in LA.  He's now been the manager of the LA Angels for 15 seasons.
I love the full names on these cards.  Lorri?

Rags was the first pitcher to both throw a no-hitter and lead his league in saves in his career.  He's been the pitching coach of the Giants since 2000. Note that Dave was part of a 10 player trade.

Cerone had three stints with the Yankees.  Who does he think he is, Billy Martin?  Here he is with the enemy.  While not as nice as the last one I do like these portraits.

Another Rodman in Detroit?

Give me these Brewers uniforms any day.

Let's talk about the design.  Red, good.  Confetti?  Paint spatter?  It's fun.  Script font, don't care for it.  Boring use of the team name and no team logo, bad.  The backs are a mixed bag.  First off, I'm not a fan of orange though it does work for the Orioles  --- and Halloween-- and oranges.  There's good info and the aforementioned full names but I prefer full career stats to "Recent Major League Performance". 

Gary had a nice career and won a World Series with the Twins in 1987.  This is a nice shot.

In a Reds uniform Bo reminds me of Pete Rose.  He died at age 37 in a freak accident at his home in Venezuela.

It's new Hall of Famer Tom Glavine.  Welcome to the Hall and this pack.

Pretty nice insert.

Oquendo for the Hall of Fame?

The Red Baron.  Cubs.  Basically completes this pack.

Hey, it's a checklist.
You have to check off the checklist on the checklist.  Is this the right checklist?  Wait, I have to check.

I don't think I ever put one of these together.  Did you?

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