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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Yazoo Early Jazz Greats by R. Crumb Part 4 Ikey, Roy, Jack and Jabbo

One thing you notice from reading the backs of the cards, assuming you don't already know, is how many of these guys worked with one another.  There's more great artwork from Robert Crumb in this group.  I wonder what became of the original watercolors. (I found a reference to an exhibit at the Philadelphia Institute of Art in 2008 that included an unspecified number of them.)




  1. Have you seen the Heroes of the Blues set that it mentions on the card backs? Sounds cool also, really enjoying these.

  2. I have not seen them. There's a country music set as well. At the risk of losing some folks I'll probably post all 36 of these, It's cool that so far You Tube has had at least one example of each.

  3. Keep 'em coming! If nothing else, ShoeboxLegends ("Shoe" to his friends) and I will keep coming back.

  4. I love this set! It is just cool to see pictures of some of these guys.


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