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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Song for a Sunday Night - The Killer, the Lady Killer and a Killer Lady

Two good looking humans.
Tom and Raquel, born 3 months apart, were both in their primes here in 1970.

Gratuitous Seinfeld clip featuring Raquel Welch
"I don't move my arms when I dance?  That's my signature!"

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pigeons are Great

There are a lot of people in this world that do not like pigeons.  My wife an I are not among them.  At our last apartment in Chicago we felt lucky to witness a nice pigeon couple build a nest on our third floor window ledge, lay eggs, have a baby and ultimately teach it to fly.  Our landlord, seeing the nest, told us to please get rid of it.  Um, no.
Yesterday my wife came across this story on the internet:

They obviously have a better class of pigeon Down Under.
Instead of pecking around on the filthy pavements among cigarette butts and chewing gum, they prefer to sip filtered water and go to great lengths for a bath.
The trio pictured here, in Brisbane, Queensland, appear to have worked out a clever system of adapting the water fountain built by humans for their own pigeon purposes. 
After waiting for the fountain to be free, one bird jumped on the lever and pushed it down to fill up the bowl, while another kept watch and the third splashed in.
When it had drunk its fill and cleaned its feathers, the third pigeon hopped up to the handle and let his friends have a go.
The three birds continued their bathing ritual for ten minutes, entertaining passers-by in Post Office Square, in Brisbane's bustling business district.
Unlike other birds, who take a sip of water and throw back their heads to swallow, pigeons suck up water using their beaks like straws.
Though they aren't very popular in this part of the world and are referred to as rats of the sky,
Pigeons - even the English ones - are considered among the most intelligent of all the bird species.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

2013 Topps WWE Pack Break

I had fun last year opening a pack of Topps WWE so the other day I picked up a pack of this year's cards.


This was a 1:12 packs pull.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Pack Break 2013 Bowman

I bought one pack of Bowman just for fun.  

The first three base cards feature solid players who all wear red.  The design of the cards is also solid.

There were two rookies:

Great name:  Jurickson Barthelomeus Profar.  Jurickson is currently at AAA Round Rock batting .250.

Kelly underwent season ending Tommy John surgery in April.

This is probably the best card in the pack.  Starling is off to a great start, hitting .313.

There were two "Prospects" cards:

Shane is at Asheville in A-ball putting up not very good numbers.

Jamie's only 18.  I couldn't find anything current on him.

I think each pack has two chromes.

Cory has 25 RBI in 28 games this season at AA Binghamton.  As his card says he's the son of 4-time All-Star Greg Vaughn.

Brett's posting some good numbers at Charleston in A-ball.  He's 4-2 and has 29 strikeouts in just 24.2 innings pitched against 7 walks.
Not too exciting a pack but not bad.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Bloiw Out the Candles May 10

Original Met and '69 Cub Jim Hickman is celebrating his 76th birthday today.
 1971 Topps #175
 Step right up and greet the Mets --- in their underwear.  Perhaps drunk.  Jim has a boo boo on his knee.

Entertainer Fred Astaire was born in Omaha, Nebraska on this date in 1899.

 Fred with his partner and sister Adele
The great team of Fred and Ginger (Rogers).

Scottish Musician Donovan is celebrating his 67th bithday today.
 Dylan and Donovan
Some weird guys and Donovan

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

2013 Triple Play from My Wife's Collection

What's more fun than seeing your wife enjoying opening a pack of cards?  Last year I was very much on the fence about the merits of Panini's first offering of the inexpensive, kid friendly Triple Play set.  I thought it was  pretty boring.  My wife, on the other hand, really liked it.  So last week I picked up a value pack at Target of 2013.  Again my wife enjoyed opening the pack.  To my suprise I found more to like about this year's cards.  My guess is that the artwork leans more to charicature this time and I find that more interesting.  I found a full half the pack blogworthy.

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