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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2017 Topps Series 1 First Pitch Set

I was just going to buy the First Pitch cards that were set at Wrigley Field but I figured I might as well just buy the whole set.

As is Series 1 in general, the First Pitch set is weighted toward the World Series Champions.  I'm guessing a lot of the country is getting pretty sick of hearing about the Cubs.  If you're one of them scroll down to card eight.  It's a fun one.  Cubs fans enjoy the first seven.

Too bad Morgan Fairchild couldn't be here.


Joe in Bleacher Bums 





Why not?

Sunday, February 19, 2017

An ebay Bargain Pack

I did a little ebay bargain hunting again last month.  These seven cards were won individually from a single seller for a total of $.83 shipped.

This 2004 Topps Chrome Jason Michaels was an easy buy at 15 cents.  I may have the base card somewhere but I know I don't have the Chrome.  Baseball is supposed to be a game.  Nothing wrong with a little whimsy.

The next two cards go into my Jewish athletes collection.  "The Baseball Talmud", ranks Shawn Green as the fourth greatest of all-time behind, Greenberg, Koufax, and Boudreau.  This 1995 Pinnacle rookie card was 6 cents.

Blomberg is notable for being MLB's very first designated hitter, back in 1973.  In 2007 he managed the Beth Shemeth Blue Sox in the short lived Israel Baseball League.  I also like this card for it's depiction of the terrible Bill Veeck "softball" uniform (no shorts, though).  Of the seven cards this was the oldest and priciest at 23 cents.

Sight unseen I'd pay 11 cents for a Jim Walewander card, wouldn't you?  Then look at the guy.  Awesome!  Looks like an accountant.  No surprise then that he ended up getting an MBA.  On a more personal note, he was born in my home town of Chicago and went to high school in the nearby suburb of Park Ridge.  On top of all that the guy was reportedly a bit of an eccentric and fan favorite.  I may have to start a Walewander collection.

I could look him up and pretend I know something but honestly I chose this card because I don't think I own a card of anyone else named Zigmund.  And I like the Gorton's fisherman sweater.
I couldn't pass up a nice Todd Helton for 11 cents.

Oops.  Posted this without mentioning Jon.  He won two championships after his appearance on this card.  Maybe not a Hall of Fame career but a really solid player.

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