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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2017 Topps Series 1 First Pitch Set

I was just going to buy the First Pitch cards that were set at Wrigley Field but I figured I might as well just buy the whole set.

As is Series 1 in general, the First Pitch set is weighted toward the World Series Champions.  I'm guessing a lot of the country is getting pretty sick of hearing about the Cubs.  If you're one of them scroll down to card eight.  It's a fun one.  Cubs fans enjoy the first seven.

Too bad Morgan Fairchild couldn't be here.


Joe in Bleacher Bums 





Why not?


  1. I will never tire of that Colbert bit - I need to track down a copy of that card!

  2. Thanks for posting these! It's great to see them all in a row, with the info on the back and the video of each pitch. I just wrote abut the Victoria Justice card, but I didn't even bother to look for a video of her pitch.

    Now I know why I didn't recognize some of the names - the musicians are either rappers or country singers (except Victoria) Also, two of these first pitches took place on my birthday.

    1. Thanks Chris. I like to think of the videos as "value added". And I didn't know any of the musicians.

  3. Replies
    1. Ebay, but the seller I got them from isn't showing any right now. I paid under 8 bucks shipped.

  4. Topps always does a solid job with these First Pitch sets... but their sales would quadruple if they started making Korean Ladies First Pitch cards. Okay. Maybe I'm just full of $hit. But if they did produce that set, I'd be all over it.


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