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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Steroid Fatigue

While working on my bottomless pit of organization I came across these two cards: 
There's a part of me that wants to rant about how much I hate this guy and what he stands for.  Then I quickly find that I'm getting really tired of the whole thing.  I don't want to forgive but I'd rather forget.  I just don't want to deal with the steroid issue anymore.   How do you feel?  Tired of all the debates?  Tired of hearing who should or shouldn't get into the Hall of Fame?

Henry Aaron passed The Babe and is still my Home Run King.  And the Babe is till the Sultan of Swat.  And Willie is still just about as great.  They're what I want to remember.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ladies' Day

According to sources,  the first ever Ladies' Day in baseball was Tuesday, June 16, 1883.  The New York Gothams beath the Cleveland Spiders 5-2 at the Polo Grounds.

Here's my own version of Ladies' Day courtesy of my Black Friday Check Out My Cards purchase.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

RIP Al Rosen

1948 World Series Champ and 1953 AL MVP Al "Flip" Rosen died yesterday at age 91.

A Collector Collects-- Record Albums-- Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life

This is the second in a planned series highlighting some of the great record albums in my collection, the first being Elton John's Madman Across the Water.    Fittingly Elton wrote this about today's entry,  "Let me put it this way: wherever I go in the world, I always take a copy of Songs in the Key of Life. For me, it's the best album ever made, and I'm always left in awe after I listen to it."  At the 1977 Grammy's "Songs.." won four awards including Album of the Year. (I know this post is long but I wanted it to be complete.  I think next time I'll pick an album without a booklet.)


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