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Friday, March 3, 2017

I Like Big Mitts and I Cannot Lie

All this talk of 2017 Topps Heritage made me nostalgic for the original 1968 set.  I'm not very organized but I do have most all but the big stars in one binder sorted numerically.  They are all cards I got in packs almost 50 years ago (yikes!).  I was thinking that it would have been like my dad having hundreds of Goudeys in the mid-1980's.  Wouldn't that have been awesome?  One thing I like is the big, almost antique looking catchers mitts they were using back then.  Here's a baker's dozen:

Not sure if I'm right but I think Phil Roof has a Tom Haller autograph edition mitt.  Am I seeing correctly?  Haller's card is below. 

Here are all the card backs:
I guess I wasn't satisfied with just 33 game cards so I made some of my own.  Shows you what I thought of Joe Torre when I was a 9 year old living in Chicago


  1. I love these kind of posts. It the hat on Rene Lachemann colored with a marker? Or was it an actual air brush from Topps?

    Nice post.

    1. David,

      Great post! As I recall, the '69 or '70 George MITTerwald card also shows a huge mitt.

      Base Card Hero,

      A lot of the '68 Athletics (and Astros?) cards have the black-hat look.

      I used to think the Topps art department just took an X-acto knife, cut the hat area out of the negative, and the black (or would it have been white?) plate behind the film showed through.

    2. Thanks guys. More 68's to come.

    3. Jim,

      Thanks for the information. It definitely looks odd. It caught my eye immediately.

  2. I love these "I'm warming up a pitcher in a random place" shots... and it's a bit odd to see John Boccabella as anything but an Expo.

  3. I saw the title of your post and was expecting to see those comically oversized gloves that a player sometimes gets their hands on. (Like the '86 Mickey Hatcher card I just learned about the other day.) I didn't realize catcher's mitts used to be so big.


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