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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Here Come the Hawks

My love of Upper Deck Hockey is well documented.  It's my favorite card set of the year.  I love the full bleed, the great color and the creative photography.  It doesn't hurt that over the last decade my favorite team has been one of the best in all of sports.  I'm not exactly sure why but I just haven't felt like buying a complete set of cards this year.  Instead I opted for just the Blackhawks.  My Series 1 & 2 cards arrived yesterday.  I won't bore you with commentary.  If you're a hockey fan you know most of these guys.  If you're not you'll enjoy the cards anyway.


  1. Great stuff as usual from Upper Deck!

  2. HAWKS!!! I love their Indian logo! Just gorgeous stuff!

  3. Shocked that Darling didn't get a card. But then again, when you are as loaded with talent as we are.

    Double shocked Semborski didn't get a real card. I need to get a TTM from him.

    1. We root for a class organization. I agree. Maybe Darling will get a card when he becomes someone's starter next season. He had a card last year in flagship and he has one this year in O-Pee-Chee. Good to see Hartman got a card.

  4. With Shaw gone, I knew they'd have to add in someone. Wasn't sure who, but I'm equally surprised by the inclusions of Dick Panik and Hartman. I'm not complaining, but they are both at least a little bit of a surprise.

  5. Upper Deck flagship is always a great product but I made the same decision you did not to complete this year's set. I've got every UD base set from the beginning (and some complete with all 100 YGs) but I havent bought a single pack in '16-17. I'm sure I'll pick up the base set eventually, once i make more room in my collection.

  6. First time I've seen cards from series 2. Been a while since I made it to Target. Glad to see they used the same design in both series.


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