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Monday, March 6, 2017

You Want Managers?

People have noted that 2017 Heritage lacks the manager cards that were included in the original set.  Who knew when I brought these home from the drugstore 49 years ago that they would end up here?  I'm not even sure we had a color TV in my house in 1968.  In fact I'm pretty sure we didn't.  We did get a Betamax when they first came out but I digress.  Old people sometimes do that.  Here are my 1968 Topps managers.  There were some pretty good ones.  And while everyone loves stats on the backs of cards I really like what Topps did here with a nice write up on each.


  1. They sure don't write 'em up like that anymore - these were some enlightening scans!

  2. Hey CommishBob,

    Pirates' manager Larry Shepard is sporting a patch-hat from Manny's Baseball Land in the Bronx!

  3. Another great '68 post! These are inspiring me to get back to completing my "Phillies Who Were Protected in the '68 Expansion Draft" post on my 1968 blog.

  4. I love that you still have your originals! That Dick Williams you led off with looks like it has some stories to tell!

    1. Hard to say why some of my cards are worse than others. I wasn't too hard on them. I know for at least a while they were all loosely swimming together in a dresser drawer.

  5. Awesome post, and thank you for scanning the backs. I read most of them - especially the lesser known skippers.

    Topps should definitely bring back manager cards. Not sure if they still do them for Flagship but Heritage could have used them for sure. I'd like to see Francona, Bochy, Mattingly, Molitor, and others in the '68 design.

  6. Maybe there's no managers in Heritage because Topps didn't want to write all those words.


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