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Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Collector Collects -- Peanuts Christmas Stuff - Toys and Games

Last year I posted a bunch of our Peanuts Christmas ornaments.  Here are a bunch more Christmas related Peanuts items.

My wife loves jigsaw puzzles.  She forgot all about this one until I had it out for this post.  It's in a great tin box.     Here's a question for any of you who do jigsaw puzzles.  Do you glue them and keep them when you're done or do you take them apart and either pass them along to someone else or keep them to do again later?

I think these were on sale for a dollar at a bookstore one year.  I have this sealed one and one that's opened.

I'm not sure I like that it says "pathetic tree".  It just needs a little love.  And don't we all!

I got this for my wife.

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