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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wrigley Morning

I saw this card on the great Vintage Cubs Cards blog.  Below is my own copy.
 What interested me was not PAUL ASSENMACHER whose name looks like something you'd see on Wheel of Fortune.
What I love is the shot of left field at Wrigley Field in the background.  There's something about Wrigley that's  so like home to me and never so much than in the morning.  It's obviously Spring when this was taken with the trees on Waveland Avenue just having sprouted and the ivy on the wall still brown.  Assenmacher looks pretty contented here.  I would be too.


  1. Paul is sporting a nice half-sleeve tatt.

  2. Pics on the backs of cards never get enough credit.

    The crop job on this card is really interesting. Is it a close up of a shot where he's following through? I'd love to see the full shot someday.


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