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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A $25 Ebay Gift Card Got Me Part 6 -- Turkey Cards

Last year my sister-in-law and brother-in-law gave me a $25 Ebay gift card for Christmas.  Here's what I ended up with.  This year they were nice enough to treat me again.

This was my first purchase , second, , third fourth and fifth.

Here's my sixth purchase.  Cost $1.50shipped .  So far $22.61.

I can't tell you much about these.  They are listed in The Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards.  I'm guessing they were a send away item since they came sealed.  The copy-write date is 1994 but they were released in 1995.  Wikipedia shows Mr. Turkey as part of Sara Lee but that's about all I could find on the company.  Anyone have anything to add?

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  1. Mr. Turkey was a brand from Bil-Mar Farms out of Zeeland, Mi. Sold out to Sara Lee. Great card of my childhood hero Al Kaline.


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