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Friday, January 13, 2012

Awkward Moment at the Blackhawks Game

I saw this live last night during the second intermission of the Blackhawks-Wild game.  I guess it's hit the national sports shows now.

Sarah Kustok, "The Blonde Bomber" was a star basketball player at Depaul.

Bonus Sarah Kustok commerical:


  1. I saw that. I must say that Kustak really took that in stride. She didn't look creeped out or anything.

  2. Sal-- Sarah seems to be really easy going. She's getting a lot of ribbing though at CSN. I caught a few seconds of her after the Bulls game tonight and the other anchors mentioned "internet sensation" and were throwing kisses her way.

  3. Heard about this but I didn't see the whole thing. Gotta love that dude's guts.


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