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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pack break 1991-92 UD Hockey

I just opened this pack of 1991-92 UD Hockey:
I just reread this and I'd apologize to Night Owl for the typos but I don't think he reads hockey posts anyway so I'm leaving them.

Not bad pulling a current and future Hall of Famer.

Steen's #25 jersey was retired by the Jets in 1994.  His was the second in franchise history after Bobby Hull.

One of many hockey playing Miller's Kip is the only man to play for the NY Islanders during three separate stints.
Hall of Famer and Blackhawks great Denis with the team that got him his on Cup win as a player.  Who doesn't look good in a Hab's jersey?

Left Wing:

Ryan, the son of HOFer Darryl Sittler, never made it to the NHL due to a series of injuries.


Did UD think this guy was so good he deserved two cards?  Are there any other players in this set so honored?
Rob was the Kings captain from 1996 to 2001.  He won the Stanley Cup with the Avalanche in 2001.

"Rico" is the only defenceman in NHL history to score a ha ttrick in a Stanley Cup Finals game (6/3/93).
Cullimore played in 36 games for the Blackhawks last season but is now playing in Germany


  1. Thanks for sharing.....This break reminds me of the HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS of dollars I wasted on this product. Hard to believe I shelled out 60 bucks a box on this stuff once upon a time!

  2. That Hasek is pretty sweet, a true early '90s gem


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