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Monday, January 2, 2012

Fab Four 1964

At $2.10 for the pair (shipped) I'm happy to add these 1964 Topps Beatles cards to my non-sports collection.

These two cards were from the last of three series.  Series 1 was cards 1-60, Series 2 was 61-115, and Series 3 was 116-165.

It seems to me that pretty much everyone likes at least some of the Beatles' music.  I was going to tell you and maybe find a video of my favorite song but the more I thought about the less I could pick just one.  The two CD's below (I think I have them on vinyl as well) have a pretty good list.  Can you pick just one favorite?

The backs of the cards in case you're interested.


  1. Ha, I used to have those 2 CD's years ago. I really like "Something" and "When I'm 64"

  2. No, I can't just pick one favorite. I like their earlier stuff because it had a nice clean sound. It might be "Love Me Do" from the red set and maybe "Hey Jude" from the blue set. I'm not a Beatles fanatic, but there aren't many of their songs that I don't like.

    Nice cards, too.

  3. I can pick a favorite:

    It's "Something."

    But I do like just about everything of theirs.


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