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Friday, March 9, 2012

Need Your Help -- Is This Card Legit?

 I recently saw this card on the web.    It's listed as a 2001 Topps Archives 1/1.  Has anyone ever seen any others like this?  Is it authentic?

Hey, thanks everybody for the input. One thing that makes me almost sure is that super-collector Nathan aka tyweb1 didn't jump on it. He has just about every Santo card ever made. I don't think he would have missed a genuine 1/1. The seller by the way, says in his listing "I DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT THIS CARD,SO MAKE THIS IS WANT YOU WANT BEFORE BIDDING".  In his defense he did send me the second photo above and one of the back of the card. Either he thinks I'm gullible or maybe he really doesn't know what he has. On the other hand he knows enough to only ask for $21.99 as a BIN. Bottom line, I'm going to take a pass on it. Here's the link if anyone wants to see:


  1. I doubt it. On Ebay there are 1/1's for a lot of special olympics organizations and other companies that use them to raise money for their charity.

  2. I doubt it also look at the attached link no mention of "Diamond Edition"

    I know I have seen alot on ebay people are just getting stamps made up or embossers made and are doing the cards themself and listing them hoping to make a buck would be something different if you only collect that player but wouldn't even gaurantee that it is the only one made you would have to weight if it is worth it to you for your collection Thanks, Dion

  3. I could take a Ron Santo card from 2001 Archives, write in Blue Marker "Super Duper Special - 1/1" and it would be no different from this card except - it's just altering the card after it was produced. It's kind of a scam, if you ask me, though not a very egregious one.

  4. Don't do it man! Does not seem legit. I vaguely recognize that diamond symbol too from someone's blog post a year or two ago...

  5. I don't even like when Topps themselves takes a vintage card and stamps "Topps Archives" on the thing for their Giveaways or Heritage extras stuff. I'd rather have the orginal '61 Santo card please.


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