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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blow Out the Candles March 25

Journalist, author, broadcaster Howard Cosell was born in Winston-Salem, NC on this date in 1918.

This is my hardcover copy of Cosell's 1973 memoir.  It was only $8.95 back then.

 Ali clowning with Cosell in 1972.
 Monday Night Football with Don and Frank
New York 1983

Sir Elton John is celebrating his 65th birthday today.
Elton has a Tony, a Golden Globe, an Oscar and six Grammy's.

This is my favorite Elton John song, Bennie and the Jets".  Elton could really sing back then.


  1. 'Levon' and 'Take Me to the Pilot' are my two absolute favorite Elton John songs. Well done.

    And 'Bennie and the Jets' is one of the best 3 minute songs ever...unfortunately it goes on for over 5. Still a good tune, though.

  2. Best Elton John song? My pick is 'Tiny Dancer'.


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