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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fan Pack Fun 2012 New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils send me this nice fan pack.



  1. So... was what you sent comparable in value to what was returned?

  2. The letter they sent along with the fan pack stated that the fan pack was in place of any items you sent to be autographed. I was just wondering if the item/s you sent to be autographed was more valuable than the fan pack that replaced it/them.

    1. Oh. No, I didn't send them anything. I made an e-mail request for a fan pack. I'm not sure about the wording on their form letter. I would think that if you sent something in they would return it, particularly if you sent a SASE. I can see why you'd be curious. Not too much monetary value in a sticker, schedule and small team picture. Fun for free though.


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