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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blow Out the Candles March 31

"Mr. Hockey", Gordie Howe is celebrating his 84th birthday today.
 1968-69 Topps #29

Howe played professional hockey for an incredible 33 seasons, 1945-1980.
March 11, 1974
March 11, 1957
March 20, 1956
Frank Udvari, tries to get out of harm's way as Red Wing Gordie Howe (right) sends Toronto's Gordie Hannigan into the boards during semifinal Stanley Cup playoffs. Detroit won this game, 3-2

"My brother and I met Gordie Howe when we were 6. My dad shook his hand, but my brother and I were very nervous. He said, "What's the matter, ladies?" and shook our hands."
--A comment on YouTube


Hall of Famer Bob Pulford is 76 today.
Parkhurst Tall Boys

Pulford won  four Stanley Cups with Toronto in the 1960's.

Here are the last moments and celebration from the Leafs last Cup win in 1967, Pulford's fourth.

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  1. LOVE that photo of Gordie riding Gordie into the boards!

    Thanks for sharing that one.


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