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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just for Fun Cubs Trivia

When Ararmis Ramirez hit his 19th home run this year he passed Gabby Hartnett to move into 6th place all-time with 232.  Just for fun,  (without using outside sources) can you name the five Cubs that are still ahead of Aramis?


  1. Dawson, Sandberg, Billy Williams, Santo, D-Lee

    They were all pure guesses, 'cause trivia's not really my thing. How'd I do?

  2. I'll even try to get them in order.....Sosa, Banks, Williams, Santo, and Sandberg.

  3. Leave it to WW... Can't believe I left off Slammin' Sammy!

  4. sammy sosa, ernie banks, billy williams, ron santo, hack wilson

  5. Nathan--You had the same guesses as me. Hack was only a Cub for six seasons. He hit 190 HR though.

    cubsfan731 -- Dawson was also only a Cub for six seasons and hit 174. You are right in not doubting Wrigley Wax. His Cubs knowledge seems to be as organized as his card collection.

    BTW--Does anyone have a theory about what happened with Aramis this season? The first two months he looked depressed at the plate and while hitting for average only hit two home runs. Suddenly and for the last two months he looks "hitterish", and while still keeping her BA up, has hit 17 homers. I can't figure him out.

  6. Sorry, "his" BA. I have a strange brain.


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