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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big Cards Need Love Too -- #'s 31-35

I guess I'm in the minority but I think these 3-1/2" x 5", 1983 Donruss Action All-Stars are nice.   Here they are in numerical order. (Click to enlarge particularly if you want to read the backs).

If the comments I've been getting on the first half of the set are any indication these cards do have some fans.  Anyone want to comment that doesn't like them?

I can't find anything not to like about this card.  Pete bet on baseball (among other things) and lied about it.  He's definitely tainted as a man and a "steward of the game".   On the other hand, as opposed to the steroid era guys, his accomplishments on the field can't be denied.


Is this a great looking card, or what?

Lonnie has good reason to smile.  He's coming off three .300 seasons and a win in the World Series where he batted .321 and scored 6 runs.

Not the nicest looking card.  Tony hit .296 in 1982.  He also had a stolen base as a pinch runner in the 1982 All-Star Game.

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