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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Can't Have Too Many Anniversaries

Today is the 2nd anniversary of Can't Have Too Many Cards.  Yeah!!!

I've had a lot of fun doing this blog over the past two years.  Thanks to everyone who's stopped by and special thanks to those of you who have taken the time to comment.  

Thanks are good you might say, but how about something a little more tangible?  Ok.  How about a really complicated contest?  Maybe something that requires calculus.   You all know calculus, right?  Naaaah!

This will be an easy one.  

Over the last couple of weeks I've posted every card from the 1983 Donruss Action All-Stars set.  Now here's your chance to win the whole thing.  OOOOH!  

(box for illustration purposes only)

All you have to do is leave a comment here telling me which card is your favorite and why. In about a week I'll randomly choose a winner.


  1. Happy blog anniversary!

    The Fernando card has always been my favorite.

  2. It would be a toss-up between Gary "Camera" Carter for rocking the Expos uniform and Pete Rose just because it's Pete Rose.

    I'll go with the Rose. That's the card I would have wanted the most at that time. :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    Honorable mention goes to Zisk because after only one season with the Sox he is still remembered as part of the "Southside Hitmen" and Luzinski in the too-tight uniform.

    But my pick is fellow ex-Saluki, Dave Steib.

  4. Happy Blogiversary!

    My vote is for the Bill Buckner card because it's Bill Buckner!

  5. Murph!
    He represents my childhood baseball experience!

  6. Happy Anniversary!
    Lots of greatness in those cards.
    Carew with a headband.
    Stearns with the old helmet.
    Zisk, Fisk, Perry (with the M's).
    But I will have to pick...
    Jason Thompson!

  7. Since somebody already picked Rose for the sake of Rose, I'll have to go with Rod Carew. I dig the headband. He's a regular John BlackEnroe.

  8. I'm going to go with Ron Guidry - love the pitching motion.

  9. I'll go with Nolan Ryan, I like the old Astros jerseys.

  10. Fred Lynn. Very underrated player due to high expectations after his rookie year. It's a good action shot, and an unembarrassing headshot.

  11. Bill Buckner. In the correct uniform. :)

  12. Robin Yount, because that's approximately what my hair would look like if I let it get that long.

    Congrats on the milestone, and thanks for the contest!

  13. Hands down Eddie Murray. Killer mustache connected to porkchop sideburns? Yes and please. Runner up would have to be Robin Yount. Congrats on the anny and thanks for the great contest!

  14. I only even own 3 cards from this set, but I like the Bruce Sutter card and his gravity-defying delivery in that picture.

  15. Rickey is my favorite, because he's my favorite player...but as for the pictures there's a lot of great ones. Rod Carew in the headband, fat Reggie, Tony Pena.

  16. Gaylord Perry - He looks like he is ready to go fishing on Mayberry RFD

  17. It would have to be fisk for me just cuz its
    fisk and he rules

  18. Congrats on 2 years! You have a great blog here in Blogoland.
    I love so many of those cards but I would be remiss if I didn't pick the Mookie Wilson. He doesn't get the love he deserves except from Mets fans.


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