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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ryan Dempster -- 2 Retro, 2 Shiny, 2 Relic

I received 6 Ryan Dempster cards  in my end of year COMC shipment.  That brings my Dempster collection to 69.  Small potatoes to most of your player collections, I know.

I didn't collect the 2010 A&G's (the 2011's do look intriguing).  Ryan's staring us down here but I don't think anyone would "fear the beard".

Too bad Goodwin  Champions had to be one and done.
#224 Gypsy Queen back

This is a 58/99 Refractor
 209 Topps Finest #83 

 2009 Bowman Chrome #96

I like Dempster enough to collect his cards from teams other than the Cubs.  This is a nice looking card.
 2005 Donruss Champions

Dempster has a lifetime batting average of .100.  He is a very good bunter.  His 16 sacrifices was second in the NL last year.  Love the teal swatch here.
2002 Topps 206 #TR-RD


  1. Nice pickups. Lovin' the refractors.

  2. Great cards, I'm starting a small Dempster collection myself so it's nice to see some inspiration

  3. Uh oh, Dempster competition! (although I don't go for non-Cubs yet.) If you happen to get any doubles down the line, let me know. The refractors do look great.


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