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Friday, March 11, 2011

Blow Out the Candles March 11

Three time Stanley Cup winner, Sprague "Peg" Cleghorn was born in Montreal, Canada on this date in 1890.

The 1924 Canadiens
The middle three in the back row are Billy Boucher, Howie Morenz, and Aurel Joliat.  The middle four in the front row are Odie Cleghorn (Sprague's brother), Leo Dandurand, Sprague and Georges Vezina.

Sprague was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1958.

Child star Anissa Jones was born in West Lafayette, Indiana on this date in 1958.
Baby Boomers will remember Anissa for her five seasons as Buffy on the sitcom "Family Affair".

Anissa was one of the many child stars who's lives ended sadly.  She died of a drug overdose in 1976 at age 18.

Singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb is celebrating her 43rd birthday today.

Lisa had a hit record with Stay(I Missed You) before being signed to a record label.

In  January 2009 Lisa married Conan O'Brien's music coordinator, Roey Hershkovitz.  On Novemeber 29th of the same year Lisa gave birth to their daughter, Lyla.

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