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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Autographed Baseball Cards A-Z -- Bando, Banks and Bauer

When I got back into collecting five or so years ago one of the things that excited me was the availability of autographed cards.  Perhaps I went a little overboard but I think I picked up some nice cards.  This will be an A-Z series of posts with varying numbers of cards.

This set fit perfectly into my goal of collecting cards from some of the great teams from my youth, the Swingin' A's being one.  
2004 UD Timeless Teams #91
I'm not sure why I bought two different Banks cards.  Maybe one of them was a great deal.  I like both these sets.  It's always great when the card has a clear, readable spot for the signature.
1999 UD Epic Signatures #EB
1999 Fleer SI GOTG 

I'll admit I bought this card right after Hank passed away but it was listed before that.  Hank did had a nice signature and he was on 8 World Series Champion teams.
2000 Fleer GOTG

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