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Monday, March 7, 2011

A $25 Ebay Gift Card Got Me ...

My sister-in-law and her husband gave me a $25 Ebay gift card as a late Christmas present.  I've been slowly making use of it.  Here is my latest purchase:

 1963 Topps #434

Total spent so far $12.77

I posted about Johnny last fall:

  I don't know why I like Johnny Callison.  Maybe it's because he was a big name on the opposition team for the first game I ever went to as a kid at Wrigley Field.  He went 3-5 that day.  Maybe it's because he later became a Cub.  Do you have any players you like but really don't know why?

Recently I came across this 1961 Callison on Ebay and couldn't resist.

I wasn't sure what other of his cards I had but in searching my semi-organized collection I came up with these.  The first and last I bought in recent years.  The others were in my original boyhood collection.








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