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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Do It Yourself COMC Packs #24 Ryan Dempster

I recently had 8 months worth of Check Out My Cards purchases shipped.  I divided the 153 cards into 35 groups.  I like to think of these as hand picked "packs".   I'm posting them in random order.  "Pack" #24, seven cards, was $3.00 including shipping.

Ryan Dempster is my favorite current Cub, as much for his personality as his performance.  For the second, and most likely last year in a row he's the Opening Day starter.  He's facing Strasburg for the Nats so I hope he's ready. UPDATE:  Dempster pitched 7-2/3 of two-hit ball with ten strikeouts but the bullpen blew the game and the Cubs lost 2-1.  It's going to be a long season.

Here's a rare  card of a smiling Ryan Dempster.  

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  1. As Dempster collector myself, I have to say that's a fine pack of cards. That looks like the Wal Mart Blue Tint Heritage to me. It's tough to find since it's so similar to the non-tinted. Great pick up if it is. If it's not, then it's harder to tell the difference than I thought.


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