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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blow Out the Candles April 21

Hall of Fame Yankees skipper Joe McCarthy was born in Philadelphia, PA on this date in 1887.
 1991 Conlon Collection

McCarthy's "10 Commandments for Success in the Majors":
Nobody ever became a ballplayer by walking after a ball.
You will never become a .300 hitter unless you take the bat off your shoulder.
An outfielder who throws in back of a runner is locking the barn after the horse is stolen.
Keep your head up and you may not have to keep it down.
When you start to slide, SLIDE. He who changes his mind may have to change a good leg for a bad one.
Do not alibi on bad hops. Anyone can field the good ones.
Always run them out. You never can tell.
Do not quit.
Try not to find too much fault with the umpires. You cannot expect them to be as perfect as you are.
A pitcher who hasn't control hasn't anything.

Source: Baseball's Greatest Managers (1961).

 1992 Conlon Collection

The Babe, Johnny Broaca, Joe McCarthy
McCarthy with young Bill Veeck

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