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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blow Out the Candles April 4

Hall of  Famer Tris Speaker was born in Hubbard, TX on this date in 1888.
 1992 Conlon Collection #591

S is for Speaker,
Swift center-field tender,
When the ball saw him coming,
It yelled, "I surrender."
— Ogden Nash, Sport magazine


 Speaker with Cobb
Cobb, Ruth and Speaker

Fan favorite Gil Hodges was born in Princeton, IN on this date in 1924.
 1971 Topps #183
“There are only two kinds of managers. Winning managers and ex-managers.”
 Gil with manager Burt Shotton and Don Newcombe(?)
Hodges had 4 hits in a doubleheader rout of the Boston Braves September 29, 1949
Here's Gil wearing a satin uniform.  Check out this great post from The Design Morgue for more info and pictures on the satins.
Duke, Gil and Jackie
“If you had a son, it would be a great thing to have him grow up to be just like Gil Hodges.”
-- Pee Wee Reese
1962 Mets, Frank Thomas, Gil Hodges, Don Zimmer and Roger Craig
-- What are they so excited about?--
Gil with his Miracle Mets pitchers

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