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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blow Out the Candles April 26

Hall of Famer Hack Wilson was born in Ellwood City, PA on this date in 1900.
 2006 SP Legendary Cuts #46
"I've never played drunk; hung over, yes, but never drunk."
 1992 Conlon Collection #585
 1992 Conlon Collection #424

 "There are many kids in and out of baseball who think that just because they have some natural talent, they have the world by the tail. It isn't so. In life you need many more things besides talent. Things like good advice and common sense.''
Hack, Kiki Cuyler, Cliff Heathcote, and Woody English before game 2 of the 1929 World Series

Author Bernard Malamud was born in Brooklyn, New York on this date in 1914.
 Though he won the Pulitzer Prize for his 1967 novel, The Fixer, most of us know him for his first published novel, The Natural which was later made into the movie starring Robert Redford.

 I have an original of this poster somewhere.

Landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted was born in Hartford, CT on this date in 1822.
Portrait by John Singer Sargent 1895

"The enjoyment of the choicest natural scenes in the country and the means of recreation connected with them is a monopoly...of very few rich people...For the same reason that the water of rivers should be guarded against private appropriation and the use of it for the purpose of navigation and otherwise protected against obstruction, portions of the natural scenery may therefore properly be guarded and cared for by government...The establishment by government of great public grounds is thus justify and enforced as a public duty."

Olmsted was one of the designers of New York City's Central Park.

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