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Friday, October 14, 2011

Buried Treasure Part 2 -- Signed Blackhawks Program

The other day I found a bunch of miscellaneous sports stuff in a stack of old Sporting News.  I was excited to find the Cubs program signed by Ron Santo.  It was something I had completely forgotten that I had.  I was even more excited to come across an item that I remembered having but thought was long gone.

My Dad's notation on this Blackhawks program dates it to November 29, 1967.  He took me that night to the old Chicago Stadium to see the Blackhawks against the Flyers.  It's still the only hockey game I've ever seen in person.  I'm not sure of the exact circumstances but I think my Dad's boss had a connection with the Wirtz family and somehow got our program signed either that night or soon after.  At some point I obviously had it taped on the wall but the last I remember it was in a book about the Green Bay Packers which I had to throw away because it got water damaged.  I had it in my mind that the program cover must have been destroyed.  I'm glad to find out I was wrong.
I recognize most of the signatures but there are a few I could use help with.  The 1967-68 roster is at the bottom.
Here I see, Stan Mikita, Dennis Hull and Gerry Goyer.
 Bobby Hull, Ken Wharram and Chico Maki.
These are a little smudged (?) but toward the bottom are Doug Mohns and Wayne Maki.  Does anyone have a guess as to who the two at the top are?  The very top one looks like "Don" something but there's no Don on the roster.  The second one down may be a lost cause.
I think the top one here is Doug Jarrett but that may be wrong.  What do you think?  Is the one under that Bill Orban?
Though I've since acquired most of these signatures on cards, this program is special both for the connection to my Dad and for the fact that the autographs are all from when the players were still playing.  

Regular SeasonPlayoffs
#Player NameBirthdateAgePos.GPGAPtsPIMGPGAPtsPIM
21Stan Mikita1940-05-2027F72404787141157126
9Bobby Hull1939-01-0328L714431753911461015
17Ken Wharram1933-07-0234C742742691891340
11Doug Mohns1933-12-1333D65242953531115612
12Pat Stapleton1940-07-0427D674343834110444
3Pierre Pilote1931-12-1135D7413637691113412
15Eric Nesterenko1933-10-3133C7111253637100112
17Hubert "Pit" Martin1943-12-0923F6316193536113692
10Dennis Hull1944-11-1922L7418153334111346
16Ron "Chico" Maki1939-08-1728R60816244112574
20Doug Jarrett1944-04-2223D744192348114049
2Gilles Marotte1945-01-0722D73021211221131414
14Wayne Maki1944-11-1022L4955103221012
18Paul Terbenche1945-09-1621D683710860000
19Bobby Schmautz1945-03-2822R133256112352
6Bill Orban1939-09-1027L393251730000
4Tom Reid1946-06-2421D560442590002
8Gerry Goyer1936-10-2030C40123430002
Doug Shelton1945-06-2722L50112----------
Matt Ravlich1938-07-1229D----------40000
Brian McDonald1945-03-2322C----------80002
Geoff Powis1945-06-1422C20000----------
30Jack Norris1942-08-0525G70000----------
1Dave Dryden1941-09-0525G270000----------
30Denis DeJordy1938-11-1

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  1. Wow. That's one heck of a family heirloom. Very, very cool.


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