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Friday, February 18, 2011

Pack Break -- 1996 Merlin's Premier Gold

I found two packs of these cards in a box of assorted collectibles I had in my storage shed.

Here's one:

I know next to nothing about soccer so none of these names ring a bell.  Anyone out there familiar with them? I could be easily persuaded to part with them if anyone is interested.


  1. David James was England's backup keeper at this past 2010 World Cup in SOuth Africa. He ended up playing a few games.

    The rest of 'em are all retired already...

  2. David James was and is awesome. He's played a ton of games as England's keeper, and helped my team (Portsmouth FC) win the FA Cup in 2008.
    He's also famous for his wild hair styles.

    Neil Lennon is the current boss of Celtic in Scotland, which is always a high profile position. In fact, Celtic play Rangers on Sunday in what is known as the "Old Firm Derby" as both clubs are based in Glasgow.

    I could definitely use the David James card. Let me know what kind of stuff you're looking for.


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