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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vintage Football -- Colts vs Jets

Today's match up of the Jets and Colts for the AFC Championship is reminiscent of a former meeting of the two teams, in Superbowl III . In both cases the Colts come into the game as favorites (although this time not as heavy) and in both cases it's experience vs youth at the quarterback position.

So in honor of this rematch of sorts, here are some of the guys who played back in 1969:

1971 Topps #1

1970 Topps #150

1969 Topps #150

1971 Topps #19

1969 Topps #207

1969 Topps #193


  1. NFL Network replayed Super Bowl III last night. I only caught the last part of the game -- great stuff.

    Word verification: sunfan. How did they know I've been rooting for the Phoenix Suns since 1974? :)

  2. The 1970 Topps card of Joe Namath is an all-time great. I can think of no other posed photo where a guy was wearing a band aid on his face. This card was always iconic to me.

  3. Look at Topps, trying to pass off Morrall (in a Lions uniform) as wearing a Colts jersey!

    Jim from Downingtown
    more Jets here

  4. Johnny U!!! The best effin QB of all time!


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