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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1972 Topps FB -- The Name Game

Fair Hooker. A prostitute that doesn't charge too much? A baseball that starts foul and and lands fair?


Long before Tedy Bruschi starred for the Patriots there was Tom Beer.


You just don't see Ed spelled with two "D"s very often. Why not Tomm? or Billl?


A great name for a defensive end, ROLAND MCDOLE!


Should have name him SKY instead. The Forrest is green. "Run, Forrest, run!", only not too far or you'll be an ineligible man down field.


  1. That was awesome. I needed a good laugh.

  2. A Warren Zevon sighting - Awesome!!

  3. Roland "Ron" McDole was one of the senior citizens George Allen brought in when he was hired to coach the Redskins. While most of the geezers came from the Rams, McDole came from Buffalo.

    The Eagles had a defensive end named Blenda Gay (part of their "$400 defensive line" in the mid-1970s).


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