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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Favorites -- R

Topps put out 150 card sets of retired players in 2003-2004-2005. Players are pictured on card designs from their playing days but with different photos than were in the originals. Here are my favorites, alphabetically.

All five of my "R" favorites are members of the Hall of Fame. Collectively their careers cover the entire time between 1941 and 1993.

2003 #56

1954 design. Great looking card of the "Scooter".

2003 #97

1961 design. Yep its the upcoming Topps Heritage. I'm psyched! Aren't you? Love the uniform, the stirrups, the spikes and the red paint on the box seats. Is that Shibe Park?

2005 #89

1962 design. Is that a smile? He looks a little pained. Nonetheless it's Brooksie, it has the cartoon bird and it just looks right.

2004 #40

1959 design. I love these, and most of the other vintage All-Star cards. I think of Frank Robinson as an Oriole but he had a great career with the Reds, 324 HR's, 1009 RBI and a .303 average.

2004 #100

1979 design. Nolan threw 4 no-hitters for the Angels. I like the lighting here, taken in pre-game warm-ups I guess and the relaxed feeling it has. The reason I bought an Angels cap like the one in this picture is because of Ryan.


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