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Thursday, January 7, 2010

1971 Fleer Cocoa Puffs Harlem Globetrottotters 1/3

The 1970's were a great time for freebies. These cards came in boxes of Cocoa Puffs. The cereal is long gone but I still have 11 cards, 9 different which I hope you'll like seeing.

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  1. Dude!!! I love those cards!!!!!! Do you have any dupes? I am halfway done with the 28 card set and I haven't added to that one in about 10 years... I don't have the Bobby Hunter, but I do have the other 2. I am wondering and hoping you can answer this. My cards don't say Cocoa Puffs on the back. Were this issued in other ways? I inherited mine from my Grandma, I think they had belonged to my uncle originally, but I don't where or how they got them. Shoot me an email if you know anything else about these awesome cards at bacontowne at yahooooo dot com. Thanks and great post as always!


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