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Sunday, September 4, 2011

From the Vault -- Pictures from Wrigley 7 -- Help Identify the Phillies 2

Back in the day I went to a number of Cubs games with my Canon FTb equipped with a telephoto lens.

The camera looked like this:

The lens looked something like the one below.  It's a fixed focal length of 400 mm, no zoom.  
Yesterday I posted this picture:

So far, Johngy thinks it might be Barry Foote, dawgbones Mike Schmidt, night owl Ted Sizemore and Wrigley Wax Warren Brusstar.  It will be clear from the pictures that follow that the date is May 24 1978 (how did Wrigley Wax figure that out?), so it can't be Foote or Sizemore.  Brusstar did have one at bat so it is possible it's him.  Can anyone rule out Schmidt from the batting stance?  Any other clues?

Here's a picture that includes both Brusstar and Schmidt with an additional cropped Schmidt:

More pictures from the game:

Surprisingly I knew who this was.  Do you?

Definitely my best shot ever.


  1. Sizemore and Foote WERE on the Phillies in 1978 (traded to the Cubs after the season for Manny Trillo). But I think the picture is Schmidt, due to the red hair. Foote and Brusstar had brown hair (not sure about Sizemore).

    Phillie #39 on the mound is Jim Kaat, a starter for the Phils from 1976 to midway thru 1979.

  2. Jim-Foote and Sizmore were on the team but they didn't play in this particular game.

  3. I love these pictures, but I might lose my baseball fan card if I mistook Mike Schmidt for Barry Foote.

  4. I'm changing my's Mike Schmidt. Look at the batters left hand and Schmidt's at third base under his mitt....the same batting glove.

    The key to figuring out the game date was Bud Harrelson. He was on first base talking to Bill Buckner, and he only reached base against the Cubs at Wrigley in three games. One was in May, one in late June and one in early July. He is wearing long sleeves and the fans are wearing jackets...late May. Also, in some of the pictures, the ivy isn't completely in yet...again, late May.

  5. And...that is the immortal Rudi Meoli leading off of first, with Cookie Rojas in the coaches box.

  6. "The immortal Rudy Meoli." Whooo Ahhh!
    BTW No one mentioned seeing the ill fated Donnie Moore, #49, one of the sadder stories in baseball.


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