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Friday, September 23, 2011

From the Vault -- Pictures from Wrigley 11 -- Hollywood All-Stars 2

I have a bunch of pictures from a meeting between the Hollywood Allstars and a group of Cubs oldtimers.  I think they played before the Cubs-Dodgers game on May 29, 1982.

So far in these last two posts we've seen glimpses of three pitchers that have thrown no-hitters for the Cubs.  Can you name them all?  Here's the first post.

 "Sit on it, Ralph"


  1. I see Holtzman, Pappas and Hooton. Do I win an Old Style? lol.

  2. It's a Hamm's "The beer refreshing" and a Frosty Malt with a little flat wooden spoon for Reivax. I wish I had Milt's head of hair.


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