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Saturday, October 2, 2010

500th Post -- Dad and Stan Hack

My very first post was a tribute to my Dad who instilled in me my love of baseball and the Cubs.  It's only fitting that I honor him with this post, my 500th.

Here's my Dad back in the day.  Nice glove -- and hat!

Stank Hack was Dad's favorite Cub growing up.
He may have had this card as a kid but this particular one is one he bought later in life.

The next post will be a contest to celebrate this one!


  1. Congrats to you Hackenbush on 500 great posts!!! That photo of your Dad is awesome!!! Far better than any card... Very cool that your love of cards came from your Dad... Cheers! to 500 more...

  2. What school was that in the back ground I was a milkman for 17 years in chicago and served a lot of catholic schools it looks familiar. Great post!


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