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Saturday, October 9, 2010

1954 Topps Lou Limmer

This year my collecting as leaned more toward vintage cards than new.  Here's one that I picked up on Ebay some time back.

1954 Topps  #232 Lou Limmer

The cartoons are a bit gruesome.  In 1948 Lou broke his neck sliding into 3rd base and "went blind for a few days --- but he was playing again the next season!"

Lou Limmer had both the last home run and last hit for the Athletics in Philadelphia.   

Here's another of Lou's distinctions -- from the Baseball Reference Bullpen:

"For the first (and as of 2006) only time in MLB history, a Jewish batter faced a Jewish pitcher (Saul Rogovin in this case) with a Jewish catcher (Joe Ginsberg) calling the shots. Umpire Joe Paparella commented on the unusual nature of the situation. Limmer shone in this moment, as the pinch-hitter homered off of Rogovin."

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