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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Contest Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in my 500th Post Contest.  The winner was Andy.  (Andy, I could not find your e-mail so please contact me so I can send you your prizes).

List Randomizer

There were 92 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Andy
  2. dgreen1899
  3. Play at the Plate
  4. dayf
  5. Bo
  6. dayf
  7. BaBenny
  8. dkwilson
  9. Dion'sAPAutosOnly
  10. Dion'sAPAutosOnly
  11. Dion'sAPAutosOnly
  12. SpastikMooss
  13. AdamE
  14. Sharpe
  15. BaBenny
  16. David
  17. Dion'sAPAutosOnly
  18. Mariner1
  19. Drew
  20. Drew
  21. AnthonyK
  22. Dion'sAPAutosOnly
  23. Cam
If anyone is curious here is my class picture again.  I wrote in the names of everyone I could remember.  26 of 37 is about 70% -- not bad after 43 years.  As noted, I am the kid in the bottom row on the far left.  Some of you noticed Devora staring up at Jay.  He was a nice kid, one of my friends and a good athlete.  Devora had a twin brother named Devin.  Out of 17 boys there were two David's, two Alan's, two Barry's, and three Steve's.  Three boys had last names of Pearl, Golden and Silver.  Two girls had last names of Sinner and Heller.  

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