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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1955 All-Star Game Program NL Stars 1

I started showing you what's inside the 1955 All-Star Game program back in July but got sidetracked.  Here's another installment:

Pages 12-17 feature "Stars of the National League"

Arroyo had a great first half (9-2 at the end of June) but finished 1955 at 11-8.
1955 was Hank Aaron's first All-Star Game

Willie Mays had a fair year in 1955,  .319 average, 13 triples, 51 homers, 127 RBI and 24 stolen bases.

The St. Louis guys are in the Hall of Fame.  Newk went 20-5 in '55.  Johnny Logan led the league in doubles in 1955 with 37.  The guy that I was intrigued by is Del Ennis.  I've never heard of him (Sorry Phillies fans) but he had a pretty awesome career.

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