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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Go Rangers! -- First Team Card?

I don't hate the Giants and it won't kill me if they win but I am pulling for the Rangers to win their first World Series.

Here is the first Rangers team card --- or is it?  Those don't look like Rangers to me.  It's the Washington Senators, the same photo that appeared on the 1971 team card.

1972 Topps #668

So is this the Rangers first team card?

 1973 Topps #7

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  1. I am pulling for the Rangers for sure, but I am most happy that they beat the Yankees... I wouldn't be crushed either way. I just want to see good baseball. I like that the Giants are a mass of throwaway type players working as a team with little offensive star power, but still- I am a Rangers fan now! Bring on the Series!


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