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Thursday, October 28, 2010

1981 Topps Team Cards -- Not Like the Rest

Team cards are pretty much all the same but in browsing through the 1981 Topps cards I noticed that the Oakland A's stood out:

At first I thought the players were just randomly wearing jersey variations but a closer look reveals the alternation of colors with five whites (we're still talking jerseys) in the middle.

This got me wondering if there were other teams that were out of the ordinary.  I found these six:

The four sets of crossed bats add interest to this otherwise standard team photo.  
Two additional thoughts:  
Did two guys miss the shoot cause there's space on left side of the bench.
Who the hell is John Goryl?

The infamous Cubs floating heads team picture.

What's with the indoor setup?  Is this a hockey team?

The Phillies decided to dress casual.

The Padres took a field trip to the bay for their portrait.  Nice.

The Giants all standing picture was apparently taken by a real giant.


  1. the padres took a trip to the san diego zoo for one of their team photos (1980 topps?) too. one of my faves has always been the 1978 topps phillies' team card. it's like davinci's last supper or the cover of sgt. peppers.

  2. Cool post. Is that Cookie Rojas (1st in the second row from top) in the Cubs picture? He might have been a coach with them. Odd that he would be included this way.


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