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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Favorites K-L

Topps put out 150 card sets of retired players in 2003-2004-2005. Players are pictured on card designs from their playing days but with different photos than were in the originals. Here are my favorites, alphabetically.

2005 #130

1966 design. Nice smile. 283 wins. Not in the HOF.

2005 #37

1959 design. Nice portrait goes well with circular inset. HOFer. Great guy.

2004 #44

1972 design. A '69 Cub. Another really nice guy. Jack Brickhouse always used to refer to his "boardinghouse reach".

1969 design. I guess these are called "fan favorites" for a reason. "Killer" is another HOFer who is also known for being a gentleman. Another nice portrait shot.

2004 #31

1953 design. Love the Pirate logo. Nice relaxed pose.

2005 #69

1967 design. Classic wind-up shot. Love it that Jim Lonborg is a dentist.

2003 #142

1975 design. A Chicago area guy. Classic slugger. Like another big guy, Boog Powell, "The Bull" now dishes out barbeque outside the ballpark.

2003 #77

1976 design. I like the colors and the rookie cup. I'm also a fan of the 60's and 70's Red Sox.

2003 #31

1988 design. "Psycho"!!!

1 comment:

  1. The Lynn and Lonborg cards are going to be in my collection next time I make a purchase online. Looking forward to the next installment!


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