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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blow Out the Candles Nov 14

Jimmy Piersall, known more for his erratic behavior than his sometimes outstanding play, turns 80 years old today. I remember him for his days as a White Sox announcer paired with Harry Caray.

Ted Williams, Jimmy Piersall and Jackie Jensen

April 28, 1957

Iconic silent film actress Louise Brooks was born on this date in 1906. There is a great website devoted to Louise, the Louise Brooks Society.

Cartoonist and children's book author William Steig was born in New York on this date in 1907. He sold his first cartoon to The New Yorker magaine in 1930 and would end up publishing over 1600 including 117 covers. Creator of the character Shrek, Steig didn't start writing children's books until he was in his 60's.

Actor Patrick Warburton turns 45 today. Whatever else he does, in my house he'll always be remembered as Elaine Bennis's on and off boyfriend, David Puddy on Seinfeld.

Last, but certainly not least, today is the birthday of my favorite artist, Claude Monet, born in Paris in 1840. I'm lucky enough to live within an hour's bus-El-subway ride of some of his best work at The Art Institute of Chicago.


  1. A Puddy reference allows me the chance to tell my Puddy story. I met him at a client's party. As I approached, he said, "Anyone ever tell you, you look like Jay Leno?" I replied, "Anyone ever tell you, you like like Puddy?" It got a laugh out of the big guy. He'as actually super nice.

  2. Warburton also voices the part of Joe (the disabled cop) on Family Guy.


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