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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1964 Alaska Goldpanners

I came across this photo of the Alaska Goldpanners while surfing the web.

1964 Alaska Goldpanners

Left, from top: Joe Austin, John Herbst, Rick Monday, Butch Thompson, Steve Clark, Skip Hancock and Walt Peterson. Middle, from left: Mike Stepovich, Tom Seaver, Bob Maxwell, Phil Blackwell, Graig Nettles, Dennis Smith, and Gary Sutherland. Bottom, from left: Bud Hollowell, Curtell Motton, Buddy Bovender, H.A. (Red) Boucher, Sam Suplizio, Jimy Williams and Mike Paul. Batboys: Tommy Alexander and Wolfgang Fischer.

7 of the 1964 Goldpanners made it to the major leagues. Tom Seaver, Graig Nettles and Rick Monday were the standouts. Others were Curt Motton, Jimmy Williams, Gary Sutherland and Mike Paul.





  1. Great blog. This post was awesome as well. I had no idea the team existed let alone the stars that were on it. Thanks.


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